Thursday, November 19, 2009

Why I Don't Blog or Twitter About My Family

People sometimes ask me to share more about my wife and family (meaning, write in emails and blog posts and on Twitter). I think these requests are sincere. I'm a real person with a real family. People want to know more about my world.

I don't say more online about my beloved wife or my children (or my extended family) for two primary reasons:

1. I want to shelter and protect them.

Though I've had no death threats recently, nor am I doubtful of God's ability to protect my family, I am mindful that there is evil in this world. Why should I give out information about them to people who might use that information to misuse it? I'm amazed that people publish information online that shouts out "Hey, I'm traveling from now until then, and my wife and little kids are home all alone without me."

2. Writing about them makes it harder to be in close, trust relationships with them.

It's a major withdrawal from the "trust" account if I speak about them without their permission, even in the midst of our church "family." Writing online would require an even larger withdrawal!

So I'm as transparent about my life as I can be with a large online audience, but that transparency fades to black when it comes to my close friends and family members.

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