Monday, November 23, 2009

The Key Math Insight From 1931 That You'd Probably Never Heard Of

You may never had heard of one of the three most important discoveries of the 20th century: Godel's Incompleteness Theorem.

In effect, Godel transformed the Liar's Paradox ("This sentence is false.") into math. He humbled a lot of great mathematical minds in the process!

So why am I writing this on a blog for husbands and fathers? Several reasons:

1. Godel's Theorem reminds us of our limitations and humbles us.

2. Though the math won't interest many of you, the historic significance and critical shift in mathematics and philosophy changed our world.

3. Godel's Theorem provides a framework for understanding the role of God and the universe, of harmonizing science and faith.

Perry Marshall has a terrific article using Godel's Theorem of Incompleteness to explain why God is a conscious Person outside the systems of the universe. Highly recommended.

Now you'll have something very impressive to speak about at the dinner table tonight! :-)

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