Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Church in China

China is a large, diverse, important nation in world history. There have only been a few decades in their several thousand year history when they have not been the superpower in Asia. Today the government is Communist but practices an form of economic openness.

When you hear news about China, I encourage you to think about the story behind the story. My Chinese friends remind me that the government will do business with other nations, but it is not about friendship. There are layers of complexity and fear and greed that drive decisions.

One of the most important stories behind the story is what God is doing in China. The Wall Street Journal had a recent opinion article describing house churches in China (perhaps 100 million believers strong). One of my Christian Chinese friends believes it is a "race of sorts" between the Communist government and the power of the Gospel. As I wrote earlier, "Marxists fear religion -- and Christianity in particular -- because it's a competitor for moral transcendence and gives people heart-satisfying reasons to abandon their fears."

May the Lord bless His Church in China!

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