Sunday, November 01, 2009

I Lost My RSS Feed List!

My computer hard drive died recently. I didn't have a complete backup, so I lost some information. I've been slowly adding back applications I need on a replacement drive. It's been an unsettling transition, moreso than I expected.

One of the things I lost was my list of RSS feeds. I had a list of about 75-80 blogs that I monitored regularly using RSS. I didn't have a backup.

At first I thought, "No problem, I remember most of them."

Reality: I remember some of them, but not all because I trusted the computer system to bring information from new blog posts to my attention.

My next thought: "Ok, I'll just gradually add them back as I remember them. That will be good since I'll only remember the most valuable ones."

Reality: I am slowly remembering good ones. Yesterday I remembered another blog when the author emailed me -- how could I have forgotten his blog!

Growing realization: I was far too content to swallow a fire hose of incoming data streams without enough discrimination.

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