Tuesday, November 17, 2009

How To Be A Content Producer

Many of you are called upon to produce content on a regular basis -- sermons, devotionals, lessons, articles, etc. I'm actually happiest when I'm preparing new information to share, whether through my teaching ministry, my blogs, emails and conversations with friends, or coaching materials for Bible teachers worldwide. But everyone who is called upon to be a regular content producer can hit some dry spells, and feels challenged to keep up with demand.

Here are a few thoughts on how to be a great and regular content producer.

1. You must be a world-class content consumer and a good thinker. Take in material from a broad spectrum on a regular basis. Since there is nothing new under the sun, a lot of content production is about synthesizing information across disciplines, finding new ways to express ideas, and solving problems people experience. That requires thinking, which is distinct from input. (A common error is to confuse having more input with actually thinking about a topic or issue in depth.)

2. Your motivation needs to be serving others. The only sustainable driver for a content producer is the strong desire to serve an audience.

3. Produce regularly, and share what's best. I recommend you write daily. Record audios and presentations. Push yourself even when you feel dry. Produce potentially share-able information consistently. Then...share what's best. Not everything you produce will be good to share -- but you won't get to the quality you want unless you push yourself on quantity first. The hardest thing is the first draft. The real work of writing comes in editing and reworking.

4. Use feedback. You probably won't get as much constructive feedback as you'd like, but use what comes. What did people respond to? What pricked them into action? What puzzled them and left them more confused? Paying attention to these things helps you sharpen the quality of your product, and also gives you new ideas about what to write/speak about in the future!

P.S. If you'd like to be much better at #1, check out Keys to Accelerated Learning.

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