Thursday, November 05, 2009

Frightening Stats on "Christian" Kids

Our CE Director recently attended the D6 Conference, and reported this information to the pastors and elders at our church. I'd encourage every dad and every church leader to look through these -- then repent, ask God for specific direction, and pray for strength to lead our children well.
"Children are living in a state of crisis!" George Barna September 25, 2009
" Moral foundation is formed by age 9.
" Spiritual foundation by age 13; no significant spiritual change by any other age groups.
" 69% of youth say they know all or most of the Bible stories and themes.
" Most parents say kids are incapable of making important moral and spiritual decisions until age 13 or 14.
" Kids are getting less than one hour per week of spiritual experience.
" 87% of parents are satisfied with what the church does.
" 2% of 13 year olds have a Biblical world view.
" Only 1 of 3 thirteen year olds is born again.
" 4 of 5 thirteen year olds don't know what worship is.
" Most never experience God's presence
" Biblical knowledge is embarrassing.
" 20% of students who were highly churched as teens remained spiritually active by age 29. - Barna / Missions Frontier

Darren Whitehead, Next Gen Ministries, Willow Creek Church
" Church kids not much different than world.
" 60-80% leaves the church. Whitehead
" Church kids have shallow Biblical knowledge. Whitehead

"The majority of self identified unbelievers in this country are former church kids. Perhaps for the first time in church history those most inclined toward belief - our own children - are walking away from the faith at an alarming rate." Unchristian by David Kinnaman

"Only 17% of the 1009 adults participated in family devotions with any degree of regularity. Shift by Bryan Hanes p. 43. Copyright 2009.

What will the next generation look like?
" Builders: born 1927-1945, 65% Bible based believers
" Boomers: born 1946-1964, 35% Bible based believers
" Buster: born 1965-1983, 16% Bible based believers
" Bridgers: born 1984 or later, 4% Bible based believers

While many today might classify themselves as believers, only 4% of this next generation would affirm themselves as Bible-believing Christians!" Battle Cry for a Generation by Ron Luce

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