Sunday, November 27, 2011

Invest 10% in Learning

There's an old adage about giving 10%, saving 10%, and living below your means in order to be generous -- many lifetimes of wisdom to respect in that concept.

As fast as the world is moving today (technologically, economically), I wonder if we should add "invest 10% for continuing education and learning opportunities."  In most organizations today being reactive is no longer fast enough -- you have to anticipate, adjust, adapt, grow.  Even those of us who have been paid by one company over years and years are working differently than we used to -- and will work differently in the months and years to come.

We stay constant on relationship and leadership principles, because people will still be people.  But practically everything else is changing rapidly -- and the rate of that change is increasing.  

I believe this is something we need to talk about with our older children.  They're growing up in a very different economic/technical/globalized world than we did.

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