Friday, November 11, 2011

Great Examples In History

It’s been said that all genuine leadership is by example.  Studying history and biography is helpful!  Some good choices for books on strong but imperfect leaders in difficult situations:

Harry S. Truman  -- I recommend McCullough’s outstanding biography Truman

Lewis & Clark – Into the Unknown

Earnest Shackleton – Endurance

Robert E. Lee – Emory Thomas wrote (in my opinion) the best biography

Golda Meir – Golda

Margaret Thatcher – Portrait of the Iron Lady

Theodore Roosevelt – Mornings on Horseback (McCullough) and Theodore Rex (Morris)

George Washington – Washington: A Life


David M said...

Adams (John)by David McCullough is also a fantastic book.



Glenn said...

Thanks, David. I loved John Adams, and I have yet to read a McCullough book I didn't enjoy.