Thursday, August 04, 2011

Practicing Unity on Disputable Matters

It's tragic when we see Christians fiercely divided over disputable matters -- so much so that I can only imagine how God's crummy enemies are cheering it on.

I recommend Steve Cornell's article to you: "How to Practice Unity On Debatable Matters."  It's concise, helpful.  This would be good to review with your wife and children.

Here's the summary:

Decision Making When Christians Differ
Using Romans 14 & 15 as a guide, Dr. Friessen suggested five points:
  1. Learn to distinguish between matters of command and matters of freedom (14:14,20).
  2. On debatable issues, cultivate your own convictions (14:5).
  3. Allow your brother the freedom to determine his own convictions – even when they differ from yours (14:1-12).
  4. Let your liberty be limited, when necessary, by love (14:13-15:2).
  5. Follow Christ as the model and motivation of servanthood (15:3-13).

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