Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Are You Blessing Your Workplace?

  Are you blessing your workplace?  Do  you make a conscious effort to pray for the people around you, and the success of your boss and employer?  

One idea is to create a prayer trigger, something that reminds you to pray.  For example, I have an employee id badge that I swipe to get through the electronic locks on doors.  I've developed the habit to pray for my boss every time I swipe the id badge.  I've associated other prayers with booting up my PC in the morning, turning off the office light, walking by a printer, etc.  

I make it my goal to encourage 5 people every day at work.  That's another way I bless our workplace.  

I observe some of my co-workers intentionally bringing in food, finding and sending articles of interest to people, etc.  There are many ways we can serve others. 

Looking for some ideas on how to bless your co-workers and your workplace?  Check out this nice list of 30 suggestions.   What other ideas do you have?

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