Monday, December 31, 2007

Planning "Stretch" Study Work

Spiritual leadership requires that we're personally growing in our knowledge of the Word, and the grace of the Lord. We always need to be bringing fresh bread to the people that our Lord puts in our sphere of influence.

I like to plan out a few "big" items to work on through the year. In practice, it seems I wind up working on other things, also, but it helps me get started and tackle "stretching" work that I otherwise wouldn't get to. Just as it's easier to steer a moving car than a parked one, it seems as if God steers me better after I start working in a direction.

My general goal is to read through the Bible in about 40 days, twice this year. [I give complete instructions on how to do this in my book, "Teach the Bible to Change Lives."] I'll do one read-through early in the year, and the second after the school year finishes.

I'll also consistently work through texts that I'm studying to prepare to teach -- right now I'm working on Titus. This is on top of daily devotional reading.

Other 'big' things I'd like to study in 2008 include:
Some hermeneutics training

I'm thinking about how to block these into my calendar around some key events and opportunities. For example, I will probably try to cover the hermeneutics and convenants studies earlier in the year, because then I'll be prepared for summer and fall teaching opportunities. Isaiah would be a good project to tackle in the summer when I'm expecting some bigger blocks of time for reading and review.

Again, I won't beat myself up if I find that in December 2008 I studied other things. I will be disappointed if I didn't tackle some stretch work, however!

What about your plans?

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