Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Golden Compass?

I know Dads are asking about the Golden Compass movie. Before you say, "It will be OK," check out this information:

Plugged In Online Review
STR post about the movie
STR post about how the filmakers softened the movie to "reel in" more viewers

Excerpt from the STR post about the movie:

"God revealed Himself most fully to us through Jesus who is "the radiance of His glory and the exact representation of His nature," and so we see in this courtroom incident a reflection of how God has been treated by us throughout the centuries.
It doesn't matter how good, just, and true He is; we just keep branding him a conniving, cruel criminal.
This was precisely the goal of author Philip Pullman when he created His Dark Materials, a trilogy that begins with The Golden Compass (whose film version is being released today); and considering humanity's track record, we should not be surprised by this. In short, the plot of the trilogy can be summed up as Genesis 3 from Satan's perspective: God is a fraud and a liar who wants to prevent us from gaining true knowledge and wisdom so that he can maintain tyrannical control over our lives. The task of the protagonists, therefore, is to free all the multiple universes by rebelling against God (the "Authority") and ultimately destroying him:
[The leader of the rebellion] showed me that to rebel was right and just.... He opened my eyes. He showed me things I had never seen, cruelties and horrors all committed in the name of the Authority, all designed to destroy the joys and the truthfulness of life.... He is the greatest commander there ever was. Every detail of his forces is clear in his mind. Imagine the daring of it, to make war on the Creator!"

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