Saturday, January 02, 2010

Yo, Joe!

Much of the world has moved on from Christmas, and I'm still thinking about Joseph.

I'm pretty sure he didn't look like the painting shown here, at least he didn't wear clothes like that. (I do like the painting for the expression on his face and the tender response of infant Jesus. )

One of the curious things about Joseph is that we don't have is...what he said. There is no record of what he said. About anything.

Was he a man of few words? Maybe he talked a lot.

What he said wasn't nearly as important for us, apparently, as what he did. He obeyed God's instructions to take Mary as his wife. He obeyed God's direction to flee to Egypt, then later to return to Israel. He obeyed God's instructions to provide for his family and raise children to know God.

Key thought for you and me today: how are we doing on the obedience stuff? Not talking, but doing?

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