Wednesday, January 27, 2010

What Is Necessary

John Newton wrote letters to encourage his flock. This is from one he wrote to an English woman:
It isn’t necessary for me to have a lot of money. Nor that I be admired or thought wise by the world’s standards. Nor that I be healthy or live my years in comfort. These things may or may not happen to me. They are given or withheld by the Lord, in his wisdom.

What is necessary is that I be humble. That my relationship with God deepen with age. That my life choices demonstrate I am a follower of Christ. That I submit to His choice as to whether I am allowed to serve by activity or by suffering.

It isn’t vital that I live a long life. But it is extremely important that, while I live, my choices are based on what God wants. (Thus I resist desires that oppose this high goal.)

God’s Word guides me and convicts me when I’m in error, so I can freely ask Him for what I need, without worrying about asking wrongly.

This comes from John Stanford's wonderful AO Notes blog -- I recommend you subscribe.

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