Sunday, October 25, 2009

If Atheists Were Right

Doug Wilson completely destroys the foundational arguments for atheism. Here's just one paragraph as an example:

"If the atheist is right, then I am not a Christian because I have mistaken beliefs, but am rather a Christian because that is what these chemicals would always do in this arrangement and at this temperature. The problem is that this atheistic assumption does the very same thing to the atheist's case for atheism. The atheist gives us an account of all things which makes it impossible for us to believe that any account of all things could possibly be true. But no account of things can be tenable unless it provides us with the preconditions that make it possible for our "accounting" to represent genuine insight. Atheism fails to do this, and the failure is a spectacular one. Nor does atheism allow us to have any fixed ethical standard, or the possibility of beauty."

(I'm sure my politically liberal minded friends will be shocked to see me referring to an article on Huffington Post :-)

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