Monday, August 13, 2007

Tyranny of "News"

We were visiting a relative's home for several days recently. They have a satellite dish, so there were opportunities to see cable news channels. (We don't carry cable at our home.) It's amazing how many times they repeated stories, and leaped on every new scrap of information - however small or even irrelevant! I guess when you have to fill up a 24/7/365 pipeline, being discriminating is counterproductive. This scenario probably accelerates the problem of journalism becoming an opinion-fest, rather than reporting facts as facts and clearly designating opinions as opinions.

This environment does not create clear thinking, good perspective on what's truly significant or newsworthy, or solid citizenship. (That's my opinion, but I do believe it's a fact.)

Free speech? Certainly. But it should drive us, dads, to become better at discernment ourselves - and likewise coaching our families.

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