Friday, August 31, 2007

Climate Trends -- Politics, Trees, Confessions

I've recently found several helpful articles on climate-related issues.

The Patriot Post has updated their comprehensive essay on problems with global warming prognostication. You can read here about updates to the "hottest years in the last century," issues with the input parameters for computer models, a here-to-fore unknown Australian ocean current that's significant, warming on Mars, and the link between ice cream and atmospheric conditions.

I hadn't thought much about trees and carbon sequestration until reading "An Inconvenient Fact" by Patrick Moore (co-founder of GreenPeace). New growth trees should be encouraged if you want to anchor more CO2. I also didn't know that we have (according to a UN report) 100 million more acres of trees now than 10 years ago.

Bret Stephens gives helpful insights into the problems of journalism coverage of these issues, and cites a good question from Bjorn Lomborg about the potential gains of warmer climate.

S. Fred Singer points out that policy consequences will likely be much more harmful than many expect. He also points to some good sources on the natural causes of warming.

Still much to evaluate! I remain concerned about knee-jerk sound-bite discussions in this area.

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