Friday, August 17, 2007

Name of God is Precious

So a Roman Catholic bishop in the Netherlands suggests that Christians and Jews use the name Allah when we refer to God, to promote interfaith understanding and acceptance.

I think the bishop's name is Pol Pot. Oh wait, his name is actually Tiny Muskens, but I'm sure he's ok if we call him other names so we can all feel better together.

The Name of God is precious. It's hard to read the Bible and miss that.

In Christ we will love others, even those who (now) curse our Lord and curse us. God continues to grant them opportunity to repent. But let us not for one microsecond think that God's name isn't precious and holy, because He is generous to good and evil and desires to see everyone come to Him.

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Jim Baxter said...

GOD the Father has not given Himself a name. (An adjective descriptive is not a Name.) People do.

GOD doesn't need a name because He is the only GOD.

Man-made humanistic religions give their man-made gods names, such as the moon-god, Allah.

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