Monday, April 30, 2007

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Media Reporting on Partial-Birth Abortion

Joel Belz gives his analysis of the slanted reporting about the recent Supreme Court decision:

WORLD Magazine Weekly News, Christian Views

"The cover-up—and that is too kind a word for this sort of professional dishonesty—is on at least two fronts: First is the double reference to the supposed rarity of the procedure. Pro-abortion sources themselves (the Alan Guttmacher Institute, in particular) put the figure at 2,200 annually. More neutral experts say it's more like 5,000. Split that difference, and you've got the equivalent of a fully loaded 70-passenger regional jet crashing every single week for a whole year. Still "not a common occurrence," though, in the minds of these steel-hearted reporters."

A regional jet crashing every week. That's a useful comparison to put this "rare" procedure in perspective.

Let us be prayer warriors, men!

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