Saturday, April 07, 2007

Another Church for Men

News from a Florida church service devoted to men -- I'm assuming that the "no women" rule means they go to some other church with their families routinely. Otherwise I'm concerned that they aren't teaching spiritual leadership of families, but only creating a "no girls allowed" clubhouse.


Mike Ellis said...

I am one of the church for men organizers. At the 2nd church for men the message was about "How to be the Spiritual Leader in Your Home". We believe that stronger men + stronger families = stronger communities.

Mike Ellis
Church for Men
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Mike Ellis said...

I found this on your blog...

"We are what we repeatedly do." -- Aristotle

If we continue doing what we have been doing in churches, men will continue to leave and stay away.

Glenn said...

Mike, thanks for the clarifications. I agree that the church has got to reach men. It's unfortunate that the news reports made it sound more like a males-only club. May the Lord raise up some mighty men in Florida, and everywhere, committed to His purposes!