Thursday, September 15, 2011

The Mathematics of Spiritual Change

Change is a function of disatisfaction with the status quo, vision for a better future state, and the amount of inertia to be overcome. We could write the mathematical function like this: 

Change = f(D, V; I) 

I have a great vision for being fit and trim, but my disatisfaction with the current state is often too low to overcome the inertia. Sometimes I have a lot of disatisfaction, but limited vision about the desired future state. Either way, change doesn't happen quickly. 

Spiritual change should be expressed this way: 

Spiritual change = f(holy dissatisfaction, godly vision; fleshly inertia, Satanic resistance) 


Spiritual change = f(HD, GV; FI, SR) 

Not all disatisfaction is holy, nor all visions of the future godly. Most of our inertia if from our flesh, this body of death. And we face resistance from the forces of evil, led by the prince of this world. 

If you aren't changing, think about what factor(s) are strongest in your situation now. Let that be a help to your prayers. 

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