Monday, September 05, 2011

Kindle Tip -- Share Your Highlights

I use my Kindle reader, a lot.  I really like the Kindle app on the iPad -- very nice, unless you need to read a lot in direct sun.

One of my big problems early on with the Kindle was that I couldn't pass along the books for others to read.  Perhaps some day this will be resolved by new digital rights management tools, but in the meantime I've discovered an excellent strategy -- share my highlights from the book.

It's easy to do.  Everything you highlight, and all your inserted notes, are available on your personal Kindle page. (Maybe you didn't know you had a personal Kindle page!)  To retrieve those, simply point your web browser at and log in with your account information.  Click on the "Highlights" link and everything is listed there -- simply copy/paste into something else to share with others.

This works really well for capturing key ideas and facts from books that you can share with your family, friends, or work team.

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