Thursday, July 21, 2011

Take the Initiative

I've spoken recently with a number of husbands and dads recently who have aching hearts about relationships and situations in their immediate and extended families.

The common theme was that the man was "stuck" in inaction, frustration, and anger.

If you're in a situation like this, here is my counsel: take the initiative.  Lead.  Start.  Forgive.  Speak. Write the note, make the call.  Find ways to serve.  Set aside your foolish pride and thoughts of "how it should be." Pray together.  Hold hands. Hug.

It matters little who is "at fault" or who is "right."  It matters little how long something has been going on.  Satan likes you think about those things, and don't let God's crummy enemy to be thrilled.

You don't have an aching heart at the moment?  Take initiative for some proactive love and service to your wife and children and relatives!  Consider others before yourself. You bring honor to the Lord Christ, and minimize the risks of  aching hearts in the future.

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