Tuesday, February 23, 2010

When You Drop Your Cellphone in the Toilet…

When you drop your cellphone in the toilet, you have a split-second to make up your mind about reaching in and grabbing it.

(This is a real-life example – I wish I were making it up.)

When you are surprised by a more-flesh-than-should-be-showing magazine cover in the supermarket checkout line, you have a split-second to decide what to do.

If someone comes into your school or church or business site and threatens to hurt someone else, you may have only seconds to take action or take advantage of opportunities to protect others.

The key to all these situations is to pre-decide what you will do. I’m going after the cell phone. I will bounce my eyes away from images I shouldn’t see. I will attack the gun-wielding mass murderer or distract him by throwing something at him, since dying is not the worst thing that can happen to me, and I may save some lives.

What else do you need to pre-decide? What do you need to help your children pre-decide?

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