Friday, February 19, 2010


I use mind maps quite a bit, just for me as I read and think and plan, but also to create presentations for others. Some people have seen my maps and would like to do this too, but need a little help getting started.

The main thing to remember: you can't produce a bad mind map. They are tools for you to use. Play with them, move things around, expand and collapse, draw connectors -- that's the point. Don't get hung up or self-conscious.

Suggested resources:

How to make a mind map

How to use mind maps to solve problems

(There are many YouTube videos on different kinds of mind maps, usually to promote a particular piece of software. Just search for "mind maps"and start exploring.

A short tutorial for using Freemind (which is one of the best free tools for mind mapping)

A series of tutorial for MindManager Pro from MindJet (this is my favorite tool; you can get a free 30 day trial version)

Two newer free software tools are

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