Sunday, December 27, 2009

5 Steps for Translating Goals into Achievement

The New year is coming up, and so our thoughts turn to goals and resolutions. Writing out goals isn't that difficult (though sometimes we don't even do that much!). The question becomes "What will I do this year so that I actually achieve worthwhile things?"

Last year I heard about this five-step process, which helped me quite a bit, and so I pass it along to you. I didn't achieve everything I had hoped for, but it was a much closer match than some years!

Step 1. Write down clear goals, and read them frequently (daily, or at least weekly). I'm presuming these will be God-honoring objectives.

Step 2. Identify a powerful Why for each goal. (Examples: I'm exercising regularly because I want to be more fit and better able to handle my God-given roles. I will study Hebrews this year because I want to be prepared to teach through it in early 2010.)

Step 3. Review my actions weekly and make sure they're aligned with achieving the goals I set out. Minimize and where possible eliminate actions that work contrary to the goals.

Step 4. Track progress towards achievement. Make notes in your journal, check off tasks, record milestones.

Step 5. Publicly report to someone or some others about your goals (at the beginning of the year) and your progress (through the year). Give them permission to ask about progress.

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