Friday, July 20, 2007

Satire Shows Us Our Foolishness

This hilarious satire by the Onion, "John Edwards Vows To End All Bad Things By 2011," shows us our foolish expectations of political leaders. Be sure you smile often to get the tax breaks!

I'm looking for government to do less, and do it well.

On healthcare, for example, I don't understand why people who rail about government failures with Katrina response, veteran's hospitals, and the price of gasoline believe that government functions will smoothly and elegantly manage healthcare complexities for 300 million people.

We've created a massive monster, given it god powers, demand a response to every problem, and oscillate between worship and hatred.

We're on an ugly road to serfdom, not liberty and freedom. The solution to the systemic problems is to stop deifying government, radically reduce expectations of central responsibility over many areas, and take responsibility as individuals, families, and local communities. Just realize that this will be a painful transition, and a long one. You will hear many people say, "We were better off in Egypt! We had leaks and fish to eat!"

Of course I'm much better at describing the problems than I am coming up with solutions.

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