Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Don't Settle for Less Than 5-dimensional Sex

There are several bold lies that Satan uses when it comes to sex.

One is that it's only physical, only about pleasuring and reproduction. That's just a 2D (e.g., pornography) or 3 dimensional (i.e., adultery) view. Wrong.

Another lie is that you can experience God through sexual arousal. Very old lie. Very successful. Repeated often. Flat wrong.

Sex is physical, emotional, and spiritual. It's at least 5 dimensions. It's so powerful that it needs to be wrapped inside a covenant marriage to be safe and good.

So next time you get hit with a temptation, speakly firmly to it: "Nope, that's less than 5D. I won't settle. God has arranged far better for us."

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