Monday, June 25, 2007

Two Great Articles for Dads

One serious article, and one funny, both worth your time.

Tony Woodlief writes about the importance we should put on fathering -- and what he'd do to Paris Hilton's father.

"It's interesting that we celebrate the success of men at business, sports, entertainment, war, and politics, but rarely at the thing which matters more than those often-ephemeral feats, the raising up of confident, competent, moral, courageous children to carry on a free and prosperous civilization. Not to wrestle with this great calling every day of our lives, fathers, is to fail at manhood itself."

Jonathan Turley gives us a hilarious perspective -- as only an attorney could -- of the legalism of children at different ages. He begins this way:

"Fatherhood is the one job that you can get without the slightest degree of experience, knowledge or talent (despite what you may hear to the contrary on Father's Day). For that reason, when a friend had his first child recently, I quickly rattled off the most important things that I have learned as the father of three boys and a girl: Don't wear white shirts while changing boys (they consider it a type of canvas); the easiest way to extract material from noses is a hot bath (except for cheese sticks); always check your briefcase for toy guns before entering a courthouse; and always check the children for captive animals before leaving a forest."

Read the rest, and enjoy a good laugh!

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