Friday, June 15, 2007

Developing Leaders

You are in leadership positions at work, in church, in your community -- and you certainly are in your families. So here are some useful insights from Tony Morgan on leadership development:

"Leaders can't be recruited from the platform. We have to challenge them one-on-one.
Leaders won't be fulfilled performing tasks. We need to give them responsibility.
Leaders don't follow doers. We need to make sure they're connected to another strong leader.
Leaders don't want to be micromanaged. We have to eliminate the tendency to control the process and, instead, hold people accountable for the outcomes.
Leaders won't commit to ambiguity. We need to offer a clear vision. (And, it better be big.)
Leaders don't just show up. We have to be intentional about leadership development. "

I particularly urge you to think about this with your sons.

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