Friday, April 23, 2010

Pastoring Your Family

Outstanding article from Justin Hyde, "How I Pastor My Family."

Get it, read it, put these things into practice. (If you're a wife reading this, help your husband put these things into practice.)

I greatly appreciated Hyde's thoughts about making the formal "devotional time" part of the implicit way the whole family operates:

"The implicit aspects are the constant opportunities to listen to your kids, to talk to them, to tell them about Jesus, to tell them about something you read in Scripture, something you've wondered about God, to connect the dots between dinner and worship, to live a life of celebration and sacrifice

"The legitimacy of your "devotion time" is only as solid as the legitimacy of your devotional life. In other words, I reap the rich spiritual benefits at 7:30PM each night because I tilled the soil that morning, during the day, at dinner, and so on. Quality time doesn't replace quantity. In fact, you can only enjoy the quality because you've invested in the quantity. The implicit is the foundation that sustains the rest, only most people don't see the foundation so it's easy to ignore."

Get the whole article, print it off, and read it several times. Pray. Put into practice.

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