Friday, March 05, 2010

Churchill -- Recommended Biography

I heartily recommend men read biographies of great men, of great leaders, of great thinkers and great servants of people. Winston Churchill was no evangelical to emulate, but had many admirable qualities as a leader and a man. Few men influenced the 20th century as Churchill did. (I should say, God used Churchill in remarkable ways on the events of the 20th century.)

The stumbling block for many men is that they are not good readers. This is correctable, but seldom is.

That poor reading capability will not deter men from fully digesting Paul Johnson's new biography Churchill. It's 168 pages of delightful reading, stuffed with good analysis, and easy-to-find lessons to apply in our lives today. The author knew Churchill and lived through the WWII years in Britain. I recommend you start with the six-page epilogue for an introduction.

I recommend all of Paul Johnson's books if you want to learn from history. Johnson writes well, but without injecting too much opinion into the work, or being overly positive or overly negative about real-life strengths and weaknesses, triumphs and mistakes. Reading Modern Times in 1985 catalyzed a great love of history in my heart.

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