Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What Are You Missing in the Bible?

(Note: this is a cross-post from my blog for Bible teachers...)

Check out this 30 second awareness test:

So what are you missing in the Bible, because you see only what you are looking for?

Let's face it, our minds are "fearfully and wonderfully made," and yet we have to work hard to overcome our natural tendencies. Build these into your study plans:

1. Read systematically, not just your favorite passages
2. For passages that you are teaching, read them over and over and over again -- two or three times a day for several days
3. Work through those passages in reverse order (it's amazing how many new things will occur to you)
4. Read passages aloud
5. Ask "What is this not saying?"
6. Check cross-references and related passages (tools like the Thompson's Chain Reference Bible are great for this work)

These study habits will help you uncover what casual reading misses! And you'll be better prepared to bring "fresh bread" from the Word to your hungry students.

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Pilgrim's Keyboard said...

Unfortunately, many who look into the Scriptures are there to find what they can to see what it says about what they believe. A few years back (actually more now than I wish to count) God graciously taught me to realize that 2 Timothy 2:15 meant for me to study His word not to prove my position but to see what the Bible actually says and then make application in my life. I have tried to follow that teaching ever since. Blessings. Bruce