Friday, October 26, 2007

More Climate Recommendations

The newest U.N. Report says "Environmental Damage Threatens Earth's Ability to Sustain Life"

Not much new information in this report, which analyzes progress (mostly lack there-of) over the last 20 years.

Side note: I wonder if the theology of the UN panel is made clear here. It's mother earth that sustains life, not Father God.

The British Science journal Nature suggests that we ditch the Kyoto treaty as unworkable, and an ineffective means to a good goal. Good analysis of the problems in creating a carbon banking system.

And I highly recommend you watch Hans Roslings TED presentation for a fascinating look at world trends in health and economics. (He laments that CO2 production per capita is not improving.) His Trends Analyzer software and presentation make it clear that the world is not as simple as many of us think -- and there has been amazing progress in the last 50 years. A good jumping off point is this Fast Company posting which gives you some overview.

(There's a lot to learn about how to do an effective presentation in this video. But I'm not sure I would do the bayonet-swallowing part...)

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