Friday, May 11, 2007

Catching up from the Dallas Airport

It's amazing how much reading you can get caught up on when you're in a plane or airport! Here are some excellent articles I recommend:

Jeremy Smith writes about "afternoon googler's" and why this phenomenon makes global warming so "marketable" in today's culture -- with an excellent insight about how it fits our "guilt" patterns. Read both Part 1 and Part 2. There is some other excellent material on the main site, Reformation 21.

I was not aware of the serious problems in the Iranian economy. This could be a huge factor in the next events in that country. How is the providence of God at work here?

Marvin Olasky gives an outstanding framework for understanding the primary differences in major religions.
"Time Plus Chance" or "Intelligent Design"?
"Impersonal Force" or "God who is knowable"?
"Bible" or "Koran"?
"Theologically Conservative" or "Theologically Liberal"?

This one is worth thinking through with our kids.

Fred Thompson gives us a useful history lessons about the early American experience (14 years of war!) with the Barbary pirates.

(I continue to be irked with pundits who clearly believe that nothing from before 5 years ago is helpful to understand, unless it's used to pillory someone you don't like. History is replete with examples to learn from!"

Social Security numbers are pretty easy to be accurate with, compared with global climate predictions and consequences. Which one gets more attention, and which should get some immediate political attention? Ah, but global warming is so much easier to talk about, isn't it.

Frank Pastore gives a nice summary on why athiesm fails -- and the strategies that athiests (he used to be one) use all the time.

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